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eddie_nygma's Journal

The Riddler
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(Roleplaying journal for jla_watchtower)

Edward Nygma - AKA The Riddler.

The Riddler is one of Batman's oldest and smartest foes - though in his earlier days he tended towards a more flamboyant style that fit well with the rest of the Gotham rogues, the Riddler has since adopted a more dapper and eloquent persona. One constant, however, remains - his love for puzzles and wordplay. The Riddler seems almost obsessed with the motif of riddles - but his true obsession is proving his intellectual superiority to the Batman.

This incarnation of the Sphinx of Crime branches from official DC continuity just after the events of 'Hush', in which it was revealed that a cancer-curing dip into a Lazarus Pit, and the subsequent moment of insanity, allowed Edward to deduce the identity of longtime foe, Batman.